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Stylmartin owes its success to Antis, first company established in the sport district in Montebelluna in 1970.

Antonio Binotto was the eclectic master craftsman whose creative vision still represents base and spirit of the company. The skill to adapt to the market mood and to interpret its specific characteristics, has been the mainstay of the corporate growth moving from a family to an industrial reality.

This attitude has generated a push in both motivations and production capacity, leading to the purchasing of Stylmartin brand.Mid 90’s Icon of the international motorcycling sports, Stylmartin is the flagship of the company.

Basic characteristics of Stylmartin products are: excellent quality of materials, design as joint between shape and function, comfort but, above all, the artisanal care linked with high technology.

Every product is a special edition in which the craftsman expresses passion and know-how in a competitive and dynamic field such as boots and motor cycling shoes sector.


History has become interpreter of a sensational destiny for Stylmartin: the era of American riders in the mid 90’s, Eddie Lawson and Jonh Kocinski, talents become legend. Champions like Angel Nieto and Jorge Aspar Martinez have taken this brand, symbol of passion on two wheels, to success.

There are riders
who belonged to
motorcycling history
and others that
wrote it.