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Mo-Tech Special

Motocross boots

For motocross lovers, Stylmartin has thought of Mo-Tech Special boots. Produced using only high-quality leather, these boots are breathable. Incredibly safe, they present an inner anatomical anti-shock filling for the highest comfort.

technical features
Made in Europe
Italian design
Comfort construction
Quality leather

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Technical features

  • Upper: water repellent full grain leather
  • Lining: breathable air mesh
  • Protections: inner anatomical anti-shock filling + hard pu protection and suede heat protection on the internal side, anatomical heel
  • Fastening: 4 adjustable and changeable levers
  • Anti-Torsion Spoiler: anti-torsion spoiler protects the ankle, avoids any torsion without compromising flexibility, made of two interchangeable pieces
  • Air Intake: shin plate in metal net
  • Heel Protection: anatomical
  • Changeable Slider: steel toe cap
  • Footbed: anatomic with reinforced heel support
  • Sole: anti-slip and hard-wearing rubber sole
  • Size: 39/47
  • Color: white
  • Motorcycle off road boot in water repellent leather and breathable lining. Anti-Torsion spoiler protects the ankle, avoiding any torsion.