Matrix, touring for the 2018 generation.

A further “style matrix” presented by STYLMARTIN.

Reaping the benefits this time around is this new leather touring boot, specifically conceived for long-range touring and on/off road excursions.

It is clear that inspiration has been drawn from the enduro world and is further highlighted by the inclusion of a metal toecap, which can be applied at will.

Matrix is waterproof, has a snug fit and provides an excellent level of protection for your feet. It is also certified as a PPE.

Matrix is a “traveller”: it has all the characteristic traits and the bike specific features confirm this.

It has been conceived to cope with any kind of road or dirt track journey, aboard a maxi-enduro (with however an eye to the sport touring and scrambler sectors), this new boot presents a charcoal grey two-tone effect leather upper, stitched to a Vibram sole (a top level technical solution).

The boot closes using two adjustable self-blocking levers, assisted by an upper hook and eye adjustment, enabling a snug fit.

Matrix keeps your feet dry thanks to its waterproof and breathable lining and also offers protection by means of the amour on both sides of the ankle and a shin and calf bone protective strip. It comes with a black anodized metal toecap + screw kit allowing (easy) attachment to the outer sole.

The brand logo is heat printed

The boot complies with the EN 13634:2015 European standard.