38 extraordinary days in solitary, for a 14.000 Km trip of fascination and adrenaline among myths and realities of central Asia discovering the city symbol of the silk road. Through Turkey in turmoil, surprising Iran, unknown Azergbaijan, powerful Russia and its actual rival, Ucraine, along the road of peaceful Hungary, Greece and relaxing Slovenia, or on the unkwown Caspian sea on board of a misterious cargo.

On the dusty roads in Kazakhstan, running into camels and dromedaries, to reach the land of A. Magno, Gengis Khan and Tamerlane: Uzbekistan. It’s an almost unknown country but for the man made disaster,

Aral lake. Nevertheless it’s rich of beautiful , several -thousand - year old masterpieces such as the spectacular cities reached by M.Polo, Kiwa, Bukhara and obviously the legendary antique and unique Samarkand….A day by day trip, another dream of a rider come true.