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Name: Lorenzo
Surname: Gandola
Nationality: Italian

My name is Lorenzo Gandola, born the 3rd of September 2000. I grew up in Bellagio, a small town on the Como Lake, Italy, where my family is from. My father is the one who introduced me to trial bike in my early years, being a rider himself. At 4 years old, in fact, I received from my mom and dad as a Christmas gift my very first trial bike: a Beta bike I rode until I was 8. And that is where my passion for riding began. As I started riding, my father saw right away that was my sport, and day by day, my passion grew and grew.

I lived and still live in on a house on the mountains above Bellagio, and I am so lucky to have availability just outside of my house of woods where I can practice. Turns out, everyday after school, I would take my bike and ride and ride all afternoon with my dad and his friends.

It was and still is my main passion and my dream is to practice as much is I can to improve my skills and technique and reach all my goals. I am very focused and I work hard for it, with full support from my whole family.

My dad, seeing my determination and skills, bought me my second bike when I was 8 years old: a Gas Gas. We also stared started practicing more regularly with him as my minder.

At 8 years old, I competed in my first race in the Regional Championship, which is an important one in my country. In fact, I live in the Lombardy region, which, together with Piemonte region, has one of the top level championships in the country.

At 9 years old I ran both in the Regional and the Italian Championship. I won the regional Championship and placed 3rd in the Italian Championship Juniores D riding a Gas Gas.

At 10 years old I ran both in the Regional and the Italian Championship. I won the regional Championship and also won the Italian Championship Juniores D riding a Gas Gas.

At 11 years old, I decided to ride in a higher category as I was seeking for more competition. I then ran both in the Regional and the Italian Championship Juniones C.

Until now I have always been practicing with my father as coach.

In 2014 I made request to enter in the Fiamme Oro team looking for more training. I have been accepted and started training two times a week with the team with coach Fabio Lenzi, 16 time Italian Champion in the highest ranking TR1.

In 2014 I ran in the Italian Championship Juniores B and won the championship under the Fiamme Oro.

In 2015 I ran the TR3 125 Italian Championship and I won the championship.

After winning this Italian TR3 Championship I have been contacted by the Italian Trail Federation (FMI Trial Junior) to be part of the National Team in the European Championship. 

I then had the pleasure to be in the Italian team together with important champions like Luca Petrella and Filippo Locca, Italian champions in TR2 and TR1.

With the FMI I have been practicing once a week coached by Andrea Bruschi.

At the end of 2015 team Scorpa has contacted me and in 2016 I joined the SRT Scopra Team Italy.

In 2016 I ran in the Italian TR2 Championship.

I also ran a few races in the European Championship, competing in Poland, Italy and Germany in the Youth International category. In Poland I placed 2nd in two races, In Italy I placed 1st and in Germany 2nd, closing 2nd in the overall ranking.

In 2016 I also participated in the World Championship, competing in two races in the World 125 category, winning both of the two races.


  • In 2017 I plan to participate in the following Championships:

    World Championship 125

    European Championship top class

    Italian Championship tr2